These two bower birds started dating back in year 9, and despite being in different schools, that did not fade a thing. These two have grown so much over the years and it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to grow up with these two and witness their love and connection to not only each other, but the people around them and the landscapes surrounding them. They will pretty much take on any adventure no matter how hard or how impossible.

Everything they touch, they care about tremendously! This is seen through their friendships, their lifestyle and attitude. These two are the kind of people EVERYONE will love. Their attitude and fun nature is definitely contagious and you can't help but gravitate to them.

They we're originally meant to be married the year before in Whoota Whoota, but thanks to covid they had to postpone and basically start from scratch! 

In the end, I think it's worked out for the absolute best for these two, as the venue (Surfaris) at Crescent Head could not have been a better choice! It sparked everything they were after and the owners behind this venue, Brenden & Xahlia have been incredible in flexibility and care for Brooke and Jack. 

Highlights into this venue during our 4 days of staying here:
  • Fun around the pool
  • Rob having the tendency and urge to continuously blast up the music..Sorry Brenden & Xahlia!
  • The nice big bucket of rain that dropped as soon as Brooke stood next to Jack in the Ceremony - a big welcome there! Or when we went out on the photoshoot and as soon as we stepped out of the car, the same thing would happen. But not when we were in the car or returning back to the venue. It's all g though, it was great fun and many laughs were had haha...WORTH IT!
  • Brooke & Jack's celebrant getting covid just before the wedding day so last minute finding a replacement celebrant! Thank god for their good mate, Coen - he truly saved the day by stepping in and becoming their celebrant and he absolutely nailed it too!
  • Brooke & Jacks idea to bring the projector and have an outdoor movie night watching the trilogy of Kung Fu Panda with takeaway pizza, pillows and blankets and the warmth of the fire next to us. I'm pretty sure everybody lapped this up!
  • The location - It's so chill, and plenty of places to explore too!
  • The food - yassssss! Brenden & Xahlia are fucking wizards I tell you! They can cook up a storm and that they did every day! Thank you two very much!



Jack  &  Brooke

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